UW Research

ESCRO Committee

ESCRO Committee members are appointed by, and serve as advisors to, the Office of the Vice Provost for Research. ESCRO Committee membership reflects the scientific, medical, and ethical expertise necessary to review hESC research applications. The ESCRO committee meets on a monthly basis to review ESCRO applications. The ESCRO Committee Chair is Charles Muller.

ESCRO Committee Responsibilities

The ESCRO Committee’s review shall be specific to the scientific and ethical issues presented by proposals to use hESC in particular research projects. ESCRO Committee review and approval shall be deemed to be separate from and in addition to any other reviews or approvals otherwise required at the UW for such research, including but not limited to committees or administrative offices having responsibility for review and approvals of human subjects research, animal research, biological safety, radioactive materials, and environmental safety. The responsibilities of the ESCRO Committee is found in GIM 36.