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Optional Stem Cell Research Oversight Training

Optional Stem Cell Research Oversight Training

Stem Cell Research Oversight Training (not required)
If you are a biomedical or basic sciences researcher, staff, or student who is involved in stem cell research and you’d like to take a basic course in stem cell research oversight, CITI offers stem cell research oversight training.

Self-register for the course on the CITI program web site.

Registration Instructions

  1. Click on the link for “New Users Register Here”.
  2. Select an institution – in most cases it should be the University of Washington.
    Note: Indicate if you have affiliations with the VA, Dept of Energy, or HIV/AIDS Network Coordination. You will be able to provide information about multiple affiliations later.
  3. Select a username and password. These will be used to re-enter the course or to obtain completion information, so be sure to remember and retain these for later use.
  4. Enter your name. Please enter a complete first and last name, using upper and lower case letters.
  5. Enter your email address. You may enter only one, but may enter a “preferred” and “secondary” address.
  6. Provide “Member Information.” Only fields with a red asterisk * are required.
  7. Select the Stem Cell Research Oversight course.
    Note: Since the Stem Cell Research Oversight Course is not required by the University of Washington, registration and completion information is the responsibility of each registered user.

A short quiz must be completed at the end of the course.

The quiz can be taken more than once in order to obtain a score of 75% or better (the overall average that is required for satisfactory completion).

Learners can start and stop the course at any time. What you have done will be saved and, after logging off the CITI site. Upon returning you will begin at the same point where you had stopped.

CITI Technical Support Contact
For problems with the CITI course or website, contact CITI directly:

CITI Help Desk: citisupport@med.miami.edu or 305-243-7970.