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Does my research require review?

Does my research require review?

NO – Research Exempt from ESCRO Review
The following Research and/or other activities are not subject to GIM 36 and are exempt from review by the ESCRO Committee.

  • Research involving use of adult stem cells;
  • Use of human cord blood;
  • Transplantation of stem cells as part of recognized and accepted medical treatment for a disease or condition; and
  • Other categories of human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research or activities that the Vice Provost for Research has made a written determination, after due consideration of relevant legal and ethical requirements, that such research or activities are appropriate for exemption from ESCRO Committee review.
  • The creation and ex vivo passage of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) does not require ESCRO committee review. ESCRO review is required if the iPSCs are pluripotent and are transferred into an animal or human, or are used to make an embryo.

The above excerpt was taken from GIM 36, Section V-E.

YES – Permitted Research Requiring ESCRO Review
Except as provided in the above criteria, all hESC research, including research involving the use or creation of a hESC-derived cell line, must be reviewed and approved by the ESCRO Committee prior to the commencement of the research.

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Note: Certain hESC research activities, such as human reproductive cloning, are prohibited.
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