If my research will use differentiated progeny of hESCs and are no longer pluripotent, do I need to submit a new application?

ESCRO does not require further review and approval of your hESC research if you have established that the differentiated hESCs are no longer pluripotent.  For example, your previous ESCRO application involved inducing the differentiation of hESCs and you have now grown the cells over many passages using media conditions that ensure the loss of pluripotency.  These growth conditions are published and are widely accepted by the scientific community as demonstrating that pluripotency of the hESCs no longer exists. Finally, you have shown that your differentiated hESCs no longer express pluripotency markers but rather express markers of a differentiated cell type.  If these criteria are met, your research with these cells no longer requires ESCRO review and approval.

If you are no longer working with the original pluripotent hESC lines, please work with the ESCRO office to close your existing ESCRO application.