What if my proposal requires IACUC and/or EH&S approval but I have not received an IACUC protocol # or EH&S protocol #?

ESCRO review will occur concurrently with other Oversight Office reviews. If you have submitted an application to another Oversight Office but have not received an Oversight Office protocol # yet for that application, please email the ESCRO office (escro@u.washington.edu) with the following information:

  • Title of the application applicable to the hESC research
  • Oversight Office that the application was submitted to
  • Date of submission

Although the ESCRO office will work as much as possible with existing Oversight Offices to obtain protocol # information and approval information, some of the Oversight Offices cannot issue final approval until they receive confirmation of ESCRO review and approval. For example, if your proposal involves EH&S and/or IACUC, they cannot issue final approval until ESCRO has approved your protocol.