What is the rationale for the numbering system chosen for the ESCRO record #? For example, what does E007-001 mean?

Each researcher who submits a human embryonic stem cell (hESC) proposal for ESCRO approval will receive a unique researcher identification # (e.g. E007, E standing for ESCRO). That number will comprise the first half of every record number for all applications submitted by that researcher. The “001” portion of the example referenced above refers to the unique proposal that has been submitted by the researcher. For example, if Dr. Smith submits an application to study in vitro development of pre-existing anonymized hESC lines, the ESCRO record # would be E007 (representing Dr. Smith as PI) followed by 001 (representing the unique in vitro proposal) or E007-001. If Dr. Smith submits a second proposal, for example, one proposing to incorporate hESC lines into non-human animals, this new proposal would be E007 (representing Dr. Smith as PI) followed by 002 (representing the unique chimerism proposal) or E007-002. A third application would be numbered E007-003, and so forth.