Frequently Asked Questions - Graduate Students and Postdocoral Researchers

"University of Washington" if you are taking CITI RCR training.

Please consult with your department contact for which RCR course is most appropriate for you to take.

For CITI RCR training, the average learner spends approximately 4.5 hours reviewing each Course and uses approximately 5 logins to complete the course.

For CITI RCR courses, you must have a passing score of 75% for the course to be considered complete.

After you’ve entered your existing username and password, you will be shown all courses you are currently registered for. If you want to add an RCR course, select "Add a course or update your learner group". You will then be asked to "select a curriculum". Select the most appropriate RCR course.

No - not as part of the RCR training requirements. If you are a student or postdoctoral researcher supported by NSF, you are required to take the most relevant RCR course.