Frequently Asked Questions - Outgoing Subcontracts

A formal, cooperative "sponsored programs" relationship with another organization, generally a university or non-profit research center, that is part of a proposal and, if awarded, prime agreement, accepted by UW.

When a subcontract is part of the UW PI's project, the UW PI in conjunction with the PI at the subcontracting institution (Subcontractor) will need to develop a work plan for the project. The Subcontractor PI will prepare a proposal with a work scope, budget and budget justification. That proposal must be approved by the authorized business official of the Subcontractor Institution on either a Letter of Intent (LOI) or signed PHS398 Face Page, and all four documents submitted to the UW PI for incorporation into the UW proposal.

Don’t delay. You normally want the Subcontractor to start at the same time UW does, so initiate a new Purchase Requisition (PR) with your local UW department. The amount should be what you have in the budget for the current year or period. On the PR, use object code 03-62. Note: you cannot budget or account share with a Subcontract. OSP will write and negotiate the Subcontractor for you and UW Purchasing will sign it and mail it for signature by the business official at the Subcontractor.

Bills are supposed to be submitted to UW Payables on at least a quarterly basis, but no more frequently than monthly. Payables will notify the dept. when a bill has come in requesting payment on a reimbursable basis. If you want copies of each invoice sent for review and approval, advise the OSP Subcontract Administrator, otherwise, the RIP (rapid invoice processing) policy will be followed. Note the final bill is due 60 days following termination.

Use the Subcontract Modification Form to make this request.

There is a standard 30 days notice in the Subcontract for termination in the UW’s best interests or other substantial reason. Contact the OSP Administrator to explore remedies and solutions.

Upon completion of the Subcontract, the PI is responsible for seeing that an acceptable final technical report (normally written, sometimes more informal) is received from the Subcontractor. The PI, in conjunction with their UW department, is also responsible for review of the Subcontractor’s final invoice, which is due no later than 60 days following termination, before coordinating with UW Payables for final payment.