Frequently Asked Questions - Outgoing Subcontracts

A formal, cooperative "sponsored programs" relationship with another organization, generally a university or non-profit research center, that is part of a proposal and, if awarded, prime agreement, accepted by UW.

When a subcontract is part of the UW PI's project, the UW PI in conjunction with the PI at the subcontracting institution (Subcontractor) will need to develop a work plan for the project. The Subcontractor PI will prepare a proposal with a work scope, budget and budget justification. That proposal must be approved by the authorized business official of the Subcontractor Institution on either a Letter of Intent (LOI) or signed PHS398 Face Page, and all four documents submitted to the UW PI for incorporation into the UW proposal.

Don't delay. You normally want the Subcontractor to start at the same time UW does, so initiate a new Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) in Ariba. The object code for subawards is 03-62. Note: you cannot budget or account share with a subaward.

Subawardees will invoice your department via the Ariba network. Your department is responsible for receiving and approving the work for which you are being billed. Finally your department will release the invoice for payment via the Ariba network. UW Accounts Payable will receive the approved invoice and pay the subawardee via the method set up in the Ariba network.

Complete a change action in Ariba.

There is a standard 30 days notice in the Subcontract for termination in the UW’s best interests or other substantial reason. Contact the OSP Administrator to explore remedies and solutions.

Upon completion of the Subcontract, the PI is responsible for seeing that an acceptable final technical report (normally written, sometimes more informal) is received from the Subcontractor. The PI, in conjunction with their UW department, is also responsible for review of the Subcontractor's final invoice, which is due no later than 60 days following termination, before approving for final payment.

Yes, this means an invoice is waiting to be reviewed and received so your sub can be paid. Review Procurement's guide to receiving and ensure all departmental review and approvals have been obtained occurs prior to “receiving” the invoice in Ariba.

Review the step-by-step guide, ensure you've entered your budget and all required fields (pay attention to warning messages).

If your subrecipient is not enabled, submit your subaward request via PAS, and any modifications via the Subaward modification request form.

If the subrecipient has never done business with the UW, vendor registration can take up to 5 weeks. Start the process as early as possible. UW registration must be completed before Ariba enablement can start. UW vendor registration information can be found here.

Check the parent eGC1. Fully Executed copies are there. Check your email. Department administrators are copied when OSP sends issued agreements to subrecipient's. Still no sign of it? Send ONE email to with the details of your subaward and request a status update.

Reach out to the subrecipient to insure they are attaching invoices in Ariba, in the meantime they can email a PDF copy to you and you can attach it for them.

Typically this would have been the contact listed on the PAS PO.

Same way as always, the invoice needs to go through PAS until they are enabled in Ariba.

Preparer and anyone with "edit" access can edit a BPO at any time. It will go back through the approval flow and notifications will be sent again if any changes are made and submitted.

The invitations have to be sent directly from the system, send an email to and ask us to send the "TRR" notice again. Include the 8-digit PAS vendor number and subrecipient e-mail address for Ariba logistics.

We are working on developing this.

Not required but might be one in the future and won't hurt if you have them.

The BPO Creator can add and/or change approver(s) after an invoice has been received.

Subs need to make sure to set up notifications when they become enabled in Ariba. A PDF "Setting up PO & Invoice on Ariba Network" comes with email once BPO has been approved.

New subawards can be created in PAS. This will eventually be migrated over to Ariba once the subrecipient is registered or enabled.