Frequently Asked Questions - Outgoing Subawards

A formal, cooperative "sponsored programs" relationship with another organization, generally a university or non-profit research center, that is part of a proposal and, if awarded, prime agreement, accepted by UW.

Subawards will only display on your tasklist if you are currently named as a contact.

• Enter all or part of the criteria you want to search by in the white box under “Search”

  • Subaward # (SC), subrecipient name, total subaward amount (numbers only

    • Change the drop down to “All Subawards”
    • Click SEARCH button

    The search will look in the following fields for the information entered: Subaward Number (SC#), Subrecipient Name, Total Subaward Amount (numbers only), UW PI, BPO Number, FA Org Code, eGC1 Number or eGC1 Short Title. You can also use the status check boxes to filter the list and search results by status.

    The results will include all matching subawards, but you can only open a subaward to view the details if one (or more) of the following apply:
    • You are a contact on the subaward
    • You are a contact on the parent eGC1
    • You have the new Subaward Preparer ASTRA role

Proposals must have five items included for each subaward:

  • Letter of Intent (LOI) or PHS398 Face Page signed by the Authorizing Official of the subrecipient institution
  • Scope of Work (SOW), this should include background info/objectives & work to be performed
  • Budget
  • Budget Justification (BudgJust):Must tie specifically to Budget Details
  • Negotiated F&A rate agreement that validates what subrecipient entity is allowed to receive as F&A
  • This is documented in GIM 7, Preparing a Proposal that Includes Proposed Subrecipients.

    Subrecipients will invoice your department via the Ariba network. Your department is responsible for receiving and approving the work for which you are being billed. Finally your department will release the invoice for payment via the Ariba network. UW Accounts Payable will receive the approved invoice and pay the subawardee via the method set up in the Ariba network.

    • Review the instructions linked from the OSP Subawards page.
    • Modification requests must be submitted via SAGE for any of these changes:
      • Funding (OSP needs the amount being added)
      • Period of Performance
      • Scope of Work
      • Principal Investigator
      • Terms and Conditions

    Upon execution of a modification:

    • OSP attaches the modified subaward in SAGE,
    • notifies the subrecipient and department requester.

    Don't forget to submit an Ariba CR/BPO version(required) when you receive a modified subaward for any of these changes:

    • Funding (Ariba needs cumulative total for entire BPO)
    • Period of performance

    There is a standard 30 days notice in the subaward for termination in the UW’s best interests or other substantial reason. Contact the OSP Subaward team at and notify your OSP reviewer to explore remedies and solutions.

    Upon completion of the subaward, the PI is responsible for seeing that an acceptable final technical report (normally written, sometimes more informal) is received from the subawardee per the termns and conditions of the agreement. The PI, in conjunction with their UW department, is also responsible for review of the subrecipient's final invoice, which is due per the terms and conditions of the agreement following termination, before approving for final payment.

    If the subrecipient has never done business with the UW, vendor registration can take up to 5 weeks. Start the process as early as possible. UW registration must be completed before Ariba enablement can start. UW vendor registration information can be found here.

    Yes, please attach. Your subaward request may be delayed if not attached.

    If a prime sponsor has a published F&A rate policy, the subrecipient should propose its F&A in accordance with this policy.
    If the originating sponsor is silent on F&A, the F&A rate subrecipient should use is 10% Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC).

    Subaward and Subaward Action Statuses are visible in SAGE.
    Review the definitions of SAGE subaward status.