Frequently Asked Questions - General OSP

Department of Health and Human Services
OIG, Office of Audit
Federal Office Building, Room 171
50 United Nations Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tel.(415) 556-5766

For point of contact, see signature line of F&A Rate Agreement

Put just the amount of the supplement on the GC1.

Grant & Contract payments should be sent payable to University of Washington", please include the UW budget number and invoice number if applicable on your check and mail to:
University of Washington
Grant and Contract Accounting
12455 Collections Drive
Chicago IL 60693

Clinical trial payments and other "Pay in Advance" projects should not be sent to this address. Instead, direct these to the PI, research coordinator, or fiscal personnel in the PI's department.

Refer to the University of Washington's policy for Internal Deadlines for Proposals to External Entities (GIM 19).

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Change the settings to correct this:
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* In the drop-down menu, click on the choice at the top of the list - this may be "Edge"
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If you are not using IE or you continue to get error messages, email