UW Research

Requirements for PHS-funded Investigators

PHS agencies include NIH, SAMHSA, OPHS, IHS, HRSA, FDA, CDC, and AHRQ.

Mandatory training

All PHS-funded “Investigators” must complete online FCOI training prior to the expenditure of funds on any newly-funded projects, including noncompeting continuation awards. This applies to all new PHS-sponsored research projects as of August 24, 2012. Training must be completed at least every four years.

The definition of an “Investigator” includes the Principal Investigator (PI) and any other person (regardless of title or position) that the PI identifies as having responsibility for design, conduct, or reporting of the research.

Disclosure of all externally-funded travel reimbursements

PHS-funded Investigators must disclose all travel reimbursements through the Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS) that are either sponsored by (that is paid by an outside entity directly to the investigator) or reimbursed directly to the investigator from an outside entity for travel, with some exceptions. This disclosure requirement does not apply to funding provided to the investigator via the institution (for example as part of sponsored research projects, paid from departmental discretionary or gift funds).

Exceptions include: travel reimbursements from domestic institution of higher education, federal/state/local government, academic teaching hospital, medical center, or research institute affiliated with an institution of higher education. All international travel reimbursements must be disclosed.

FCOI information made accessible to the public

To ensure public transparency of investigators’ FCOI, investigators who are determined to have an FCOI related to PHS-Funded Research, will have their FCOI posted on the UW FCOI Public Disclosures website. The posting will contain no less than the following information:

  1. The name of Senior/Key Personnel Investigator(s);
  2. The title and role of the Senior/Key Personnel’s Investigator(s) in the Research project;
  3. The name of the Entity giving rise to the SFI and FCOI;
  4. The nature of the FCOI; and
  5. The approximate dollar value of the FCOI.

Subrecipient Compliance

All subrecipients proposed must have their own FCOI compliant policy in place and make an assurance in the subaward to this regard. Reminders to the PI and eGC1 contacts regarding this requirement will be sent by OSP at JIT and award stage for PHS-funded projects in which subrecipients are proposed.

For agencies or subrecipients that do not yet have their own policy, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) offer a Checklist for Policy Development.