UW Research


Progress Reports

  • Internal data tracking is imperative to production of your progress reports.
  • It is advised that a PI and managing department begin preparation of progress report materials at least three months in advance of the sponsor due date.
  • The process has moved to a web-based process and uses the Research Project Progress Report (RPPR). The current RPPR process requires that you create a new eGC1.
  • The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols are no longer needed for the RPPR, but they are needed when you fill out the eGC1. If you have several IACUC protocol numbers you may want to put them in a table (for ease of reading).
    • Instructions on the eGC1 state that IACUC requires you to walk a paper copy of the RPPR for their review prior to approving the protocol numbers.
  • Complete the RPPR online at the NIH website in ERA Commons. NIH RPPR resources are available.
  • After completing the RPPR change the reviewer to the UW OSP.
  • OSP will review and send to NIH.
  • There are additional progress report instructions for training grants when preparing the RPPR. Note that this includes a Training Diversity Report section and additional tables (8A , 8B, and/or 8C) to be completed. Additional report forms are found on the NIH Forms & Applications page.

Federal Financial Reports (FFR)

A Federal Financial Report (FFR) is due annually 90 days after the end of each funding period. GCA prepares and submits these reports and may require department input to determine the amount of tuition applicable to any ongoing appointments. GCA may contact you about your budget by sending you an outstanding trainee obligation report for you to verify.