UW Research

Prepare Budget

Create a budget using Training Grant Budget Development Guidance


  • NIH only covers 60% of whatever tuition amount is specified in the application. DO NOT develop your budget using an already reduced figure. Always use the current, actual tuition levels. NIH will automatically deduct 40% from that figure.
  • Understand the differences between trainee classifications and how they are paid, and build them into the budget correctly so offers made to trainees post-award are accurate.
  • Do not calculate any formulas applied by NIH, instead, make sure you ask for a full amount.
  • Understand which categories of position type (like trainees) are actually UW employees. NIH training grant trainees are not considered UW employees and are not allowed to contribute effort to initiatives outside of the training program as proposed while on stipend for the grant.
  • Recommendation: in-state resident vs. out-of-state tuition could be considered based on each department’s current/historic/projected candidate pool and you could use these calculations when developing your budget. Be realistic. If you guess incorrectly, the graduate school will not cover the difference.