UW Research

August 23, 2017

Updates to Signature Delegation and Responsibilities: GIM 2 & GIM 8

Recent updates were made to the following GIMs:

  • GIM 2: Acceptance of Sponsored Program Awards and Fiscal Compliance on Sponsored Program Accounts (Budget Numbers)
  • GIM 8: Subrecipient Monitoring

GIM 2 Update Summary


  • The PI is responsible for all costs incurred on an award including deficits and sponsor non-payments.

Signature Delegation

  • Signature delegation must be current and in writing & the designee MUST have knowledge of the project and how expenses benefit the award.

Exceptions to signature delegation added:

  • Senior/Key Personnel as defined by GIM 10 do not need delegation
  • PI does not have to provide approval for the expenditure of a specific item identified in a proposal on an award that is funded  (excluding subawards).
  • PI or their written designee must approve all subaward expenditures (invoices) even if the subaward is identified in the proposal.

GIM 8 Update Summary

Invoicing by Subrecipient and Approval of Invoices

  • The PI or their written designee must approve all subaward invoices.