UW Research

July 9, 2021

Policy Update: GIM 9

Why Update GIM 9?

These updates were made to help ensure new processes and tool functionality are better aligned with our policy.

Summary of Changes

  • Policy now also include temporary budget extensions
  • Removed outdated or process oriented references where they were either replaced by SAGE functionality, were no longer relevant, or simply were more internal process steps
    • e.g. OSP review & eligibility tool, GCA form & process steps, and a BI portal report that has been retired
  • Updated Timeframe which increases duration for initial advance requests from six months to 12 or 18 months for clinical trials
    • Also includes information on GCA’s additional review for requests that exceed 18 months
  • PI section now also includes delegation of PI approvals
  • Emphasis placed on the audit benefit associated with advance budgets
  • Reordered and relocated content to match our current process flows: Monitoring and Non-Fiscal compliance sections
  • Now includes references to relevant GIMs 2 and 23

Advance Budget Resources