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January 12, 2021

NSF: Research.gov Required for Some Applications

NSF has begun to require Research.gov for proposal preparation and submission of some funding opportunities. The Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO) now requires Research.gov for proposal preparation and submission in response to core programs that do not have deadline dates.

When FastLane is no longer a proposal option, relevant FY2021 NSF funding opportunity instructions will not mention FastLane as a submission option. These revised solicitations will also no longer be available in FastLane.

NSF will continue to expand the requirement for using Research.gov to prepare and submit proposals over the next few years until all NSF proposals must be submitted in Research.gov.

OSP echoes NSF’s suggestion that Principal Investigators and those who assist in proposal preparation begin using Research.gov now.

Don’t wait, become familiar with Research.gov before it is required on all NSF proposals.

Note: While these new NSF solicitations indicate proposal submission can be via Research.gov or Grants.gov, UW proposals should be prepared in Resesarch.gov. The UW does not use Grants.gov for NSF proposal submission.

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