UW Research

April 10, 2020

NSF: Guidance on Repurposing Existing Awards to Support Emergency Response to COVID-19

NSF issued guidance in response to flexibilites in the OMB Memo 20-20. This memo allows Federal awarding agencies to repurpose their Federal assistance awards (in whole or part) to support the response to COVID-19.

NSF’s guidance on OMB memo 20-20 authorizes recipients to donate medical equipment (including, but not limited to, personal protective equipment, medical devices, medicines, and other medical supplies) purchased with NSF funds to hospitals, medical centers, and other local entities serving the public for COVID-19 response. This exception also extends to the donation of other resources (such as labor, supplies, and contract services).

Steps for Donating NSF Funded Equipment and Other Resources

  • PIs who wish to donate medical equipment or other resources in support of our local COVID-19 emergency response, must:
  • Prepare an “Other Request” in Research.gov and forward to the AOR in that system.
  • Contact osp@uw.edu indicating you have submitted a request, along with the award number, for OSP concurrence.
    • Use “C19” in the email subject line for priority handling.

In submitting a request, the PI is also certifying that the equipment, supplies, etc., is being donated to a hospital, medical center or other local entity serving the public for the COVID-19 response.

If the anticipated impact will result in a change in objectives or scope, the “Change in Objectives or Scope” in the Notifications and Requests module must be used to reflect that change.

Important Reminders

  • Do not assume that supplemental funding will be available if the donation results in a shortage of funds to carry out the project.
  • Make sure you maintain records that substantiate the donation in support of the COVID-19 emergency response.