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June 4, 2018

NIH: Inclusion Enrollment System Replacement June 8th

On June 8, NIH is rolling out a new Human Subjects System (HSS) which will replace their Inclusion Management System (IMS) and provide expanded functionality.

As you recall, NIH recently released SF424 Forms E with a new Human Subjects and Clinical Trials (HSCT) form. The HSS will be the channel for making updates to data previously entered on the HSCT form within proposals.

As NIH replaces the IMS, some data will migrate to the new HSS.

All inclusion data:

  • On HSCT forms within applications submitted for due dates of 1.25.2018 and beyond, or
  • Updated in NIH’s IMS and included within an RPPR submitted to NIH before June 8th

will migrate to the new HSS.

PIs are currently unable to delegate HSS update and/or submission authority to another user. NIH will be working on allowing delegation authority in a future enhancement of HSS.

Updates submitted to NIH after June 8, 2018 must be entered directly into HSS.

NIH Resources: