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December 26, 2017

Notable NIH Changes

NIH Changes Effective 1.25.18

National Institutes of Health (NIH) has made a number of changes to support accountability & transparency in Human Subjects & Clinical Trials Research.  

Notable changes coming this January apply to applications due on or after 1.25.18.

Use the Right FORMS Package

All NIH and AHRQ applications with an  intended due date on or after January 25, 2018 must be submitted using the new FORMS-E.

Use FORMS-D for application… Use FORMS E for application…
Due dates on or before 1.24.18

Due dates on or after 1.25.18 including:

  • Those submitted early for due dates on or after 01.25.18
  • All application types (New, Resubmission, Renewal, Revision)

FORMS-E Changes & Human Subjects / Clinical Trials form:

Most of the changes in the FORMS-E application package are reflected in a new human subjects / clinical trial (HS/CT) form. This form consolidates HS/CT information and collects it at the study-level.

It requires a significant amount of “science” information. We recommend reviewing  the HS/CT form early in the proposal development process.

Select the Right Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)

If your research meets the NIH Definition of a Clinical Trial  you must apply to the FOA that allows Clinical Trials. This definition is broad and some researchers may not be aware NIH considers their study a Clinical Trial. Reviewing NIH’s clinical trial Decision Tree  and  Case Studies can help with this determination.

NIH Clinical Trials Resources:

Confirming Form Version & FOA:

FORMS-E Resources:

New Single IRB Policy

Many NIH applications for multi-site research submitted on or after January 25, 2018 must include a plan for using a single IRB for all domestic sites. The Human Subjects Division provides detailed information for:

  • Which grants need to include the Single IRB Plan attachment
  • What to put in your Single IRB Plan
  • How to select a Single IRB and how to address the costs of a Single IRB

NIH Guidance:

SAGE Grant Runner Updates Support NIH Changes:

Using Grant Runner for many NIH Opportunities reduces duplicate entry & routes with the eGC1. 

Grant Runner applications created with FORMS-D cannot be converted to FORMS-E.

With the SAGE release on 12.21.17, SAGE users will have the option of either manually entering data in the HS/CT form directly in SAGE, or to import the fillable PDF for a given study. This blank fillable PDF form can be downloaded from the HS/CT home page in SAGE. Partially completed HS/CT PDFs can be imported, and users can make final edits directly in SAGE thereafter.

Validations in SAGE using “Check for Errors” help inform if the correct FOA and FORMS version are being used.

Review more information on federal proposal submission options:  Grants.gov Adobe Form s Are Going Away!

Other Post Award Clinical Trial Stewardship Reminders

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training

Clinical Trials Registration & Reporting Requirements

Certificates of Confidentiality (CoC)

The CoC definition of Human Subjects is broader and a Certificate of Confidentiality now automatically applied to all active NIH awards.