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May 24, 2023

New Process for SCRI Staff Assignment – Internal deadlines approaching

UPDATE 5/17/2024: This process was a transitionary process for summer 2023 during the transition to Workday Finance. Please refer to these instructions under SCRI.

Our process for incoming staff assignments with SCRI has changed. With UWFT, each staff assignment will need to be set up individually in Workday Finance and will require cost reimbursable billing.

SCRI staff assignment agreements (SAA) typically begin on 7/1/2023.

This means the upcoming set of SCRI SAA need to follow the new process detailed under Action Items.

Action Items

As you prepare SCRI staff assignments that begin 7/01/2023, you need to submit an eGC1 for each individual staff assignment. Additionally, for anticipated Staff Assignment Agreement (SAA) where you do not yet have the SAA we highly recommend requesting an Advance Budget.

Review these recommended steps:

By 5/31

    • Submit a new eGC1for each individual and:
    • Name of the individual who will be assigned at Children’s
    • Set out line item and totals in the eGC1 budget for the reimbursement anticipated for the upcoming period

Before 6/09

If you already have a signed SAA for an individual, for a period beginning 7/01/2023:

    • Submit an After-the-Fact eGC1
    • Attach completed SAA
    • If your eGC1 has been approved with an attached SAA, OSP & GCA will try to get the Funding Action processed before cutover so an award will be in Workday Finance at go-live.

Note: Funding Actions will not be processed between 6/09-7/06. Please submit as soon as possible to ensure timely processing.

Before 6/13

You can request an Advance Budget if your eGC1 has been approved and you do not yet have an SAA.

Note that GCA will not be able to process Advance Budget requests between 6/14-7/06.

After 7/07

Once you have the SAA, initiate an Award Set-Up Request in SAGE after Workday Finance go-live.

Review updated SCRI SAA guidance.

Notes on Existing SCRI Staff Assignments

For existing SCRI Staff Assignment Agreement (SAA) budgets, which have a two year current period spanning 7/1/2021 to 6/30/2023, there will not be retroactive adjustments to the billing procedures currently in place. These awards will be converted into Workday.

This message was sent on 5/24/2023 to individuals who previously handled eGC1s for a department that received Seattle Children’s Research Institute (SCRI) Staff Assignments for faculty who were assigned to Children’s.