UW Research

October 5, 2017

Help Keep the UW Off Federal Delinquent Closeout Lists

The Grants Oversight and New Efficiency act (GONE Act) requires all federal agencies to report their outstanding closeouts to Congress by December 31, 2017.

For the 30 oldest grants in an agency’s portfolio, they must also explain in detail why they have not been closed out. ¬†¬†This is why you may have received delinquency notices from agencies for grants that ended as far back as 2012.

So far we have received notices from ONR, NIH, NSF, NASA.We need your help to keep the UW off of Federal Agency Delinquent Closeout lists to Congress.

Be Proactive:

If the closeout date on a grant is approaching and final reports have not been submitted, work with the PI to enable report submission and closeout. More information is found in GIM 39.

If a PI is departing the University and the grant is active or ending, ensure all information needed to transition the grant to a new PI or meet closeout requirements are handled prior to departure.

Respond Promptly:

If you or your PI receive a notice from OSP/Closeout or the sponsor, respond promptly.

Help Prevent Delinquency Notices:

Make sure all final reports are submitted on time! OSP needs copies of these. Send copies of final reports and proof of submission (email from sponsor) to closeout@uw.edu.