UW Research

March 11, 2022

Estimated Fiscal Year 2023 Benefit Rates Available

Preliminary Fringe Benefit Rates for Fiscal Year 2023 are available in SAGE, as well as in the Fringe Benefit Rate Table.

These rates reflect estimated employee benefit costs to be incurred by the UW in fiscal year 2023. 

Use these updated rates on multi-year sponsored program proposal budgets to best reflect anticipated costs.

Final 2023 benefit rates will be published by June 30, 2022. We will let you know when those final rates are available.

Apply updated benefit rates to a SAGE Budget in progress:

Go to the Budget Settings on the left navigation, expand the Data & Calculations section and “Refresh Benefit Rates”.

Questions about incorporating these rates into proposal budgets?

Not Seeing the New Rates on the Research Website?

If you don’t see the newest rates in the Benefit Rate Table you may need to clear your web browser cache. Review instructions for some popular browsers: