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March 10, 2022

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Updates: Awards, Subawards, Staff Assignments

FHCC Updates & Instructions

Following our February 17th Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (FHCC) MRAM announcement we have more information and instructions to share.

Topics include:

Incoming FHCC Awards to the UW

New Budget Numbers for Reissued FHCC Awards

As mentioned, all current FHCRC awards will be re-issued. These re-issued awards will also be given new budget numbers as part of the transition from FHCRC to FHCC.

Prepare New eGC1s for Reissued Awards from FHCC

Instead of waiting to complete an After-the-Fact (ATF) eGC1, you can route a new eGC1 to OSP. This may help speed up the process. With an approved eGC1 already on file for the anticipated new award from FHCC, campus units will be able to use the Advance Budget Request Process while waiting for FHCC to reissue the award.

Preparing these FHCC eGC1s:

  • Use the estimated amount of the new award, this should be based on the anticipated balance at close of previous FHCRC award
  • Include a Scope of Work (SOW) for the remaining work
  • Mark the eGC1 as “new”
  • Include a note indicating the previous budget number for the FHCRC award in the eGC1, for reference
  • Letters of Intent (LOI) are not necessary; OSP will not be issuing an LOI

OSP will process and approve these eGC1s, and campus may use the Advance Budget Request Process.

Outgoing FHCC Subawards

Terminating the FHCC Subawards

No campus action is needed to initiate this termination.
OSP will:

  • Inform our sponsors of this change, when required
  • Create the subaward modification request in SAGE
  • Process a modification to change the end date of the agreement to March 31st, 2022

Update the SAGE subaward record
There are, however, some steps that we need your help with.

Campus / PI Process

PIs should review and approve final invoices as timely as possible. This will facilitate UW sponsor reports and help the PI calculate their budgets for the reissued FHCC subawards. The subaward modification will request FHCC to submit their final invoices for these subawards by May 30th, 2022 (60 days after the end date).

After the subaward is terminated and the final invoice approved, the PI/dept. needs to close the BPO in Ariba. Review Procurement’s instructions for closing subaward BPOs. Questions on this process can be directed to PCShelp@uw.edu.

Re-issuing Subawards to FHCC for Subaward Activity after March 31st

If your unit PI has a subaward to FHCRC that extends beyond March 31st, 2022, please follow these steps:

Campus / PI Process to Request these New Subawards

  1. Confirm these three items have been completed:
    1. FHCRC subaward is terminated in SAGE (OSP will handle the subaward termination and the termination modification will be in the SAGE record)
    2. Final invoice has been processed
    3. BPO is closed in Ariba
  2. Create a new BPO in Ariba, using Fred Hutch Cancer Center (FHCC) as the supplier
  3. Submit a request for a new subaward in SAGE with FHCC as the subrecipient
  4. Reference the prior UWSC number in the “Special Terms or Instructions for OSP” section of the SAGE subaward request
    1. Calculate the “Subaward Request Amount” based on the remaining balance after the final invoice for the prior subaward
    2. Upload a detailed budget to the new Subaward request that reflects the “Subaward Request Amount”. Do not include expended funds from the recently terminated subaward in the new budget
    3. Start Date: Set the start date of the new subaward for April 1st, 2022

Work at FHCC can continue and FHCC will manage subaward expenses on its own advance account while the re-issuance of subaward from the UW is in process.

For questions on FHCC as a vendor in Ariba, please check with Procurement.

Staff Assignments to FHCRC that End After March 31st

Current staff assignments with an end date past March 31st, 2022 will not be terminated and reissued. These will continue to be effective through the end date on the current staff assignment. FHCC will invoice under the existing BPO. When and if they need to be extended, the UW will issue a new staff assignment. Please submit a new subaward request form in SAGE with the new staff assignment agreement uploaded.