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September 9, 2020

For the Record – September 9, 2020

In this Issue:

Use of Zoom with Research Involving Youth

Now allowed in most circumstances

New privacy guidelines and FAQs for engaging virtually with youth, including in research, have been issued by the UW Privacy Office and the UW Office for Youth Programs Development and Support.

Some UW technologies such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are now permitted, even with youth under the age of 13. See the UW Privacy Office FAQ section entitled Engaging Youth Virtually (requires scrolling down the page).

For technology questions, contact UW IT.

For questions about safe youth engagement in a virtual setting, consult with the Office for Youth Programs Development and Support.

Improved Zipline Landing Page

Implementation date: September 9, 2020

Did you know that the Zipline landing page is consistently one of the most visited pages on the entire Office of Research website?

This is the page with the log-in link to the Zipline e-IRB system as well as the links to Zipline training materials and all other types of Zipline information. Its organization and structure have remained essentially the same since Zipline was implemented over four years ago.

HSD used data-driven decision-making (specifically, Google analytics about where users are clicking on the page) to design an updated page architecture that gives researchers easy access to where they most frequently go from this page. The page also now highlights new training tools and makes it easier to find information such as the Zipline FAQs.

All URLs remain the same. In other words, any bookmarks or links you have saved will still work.

Contact HSD’s webmaster through hsdinfo@uw.edu with any questions or issues.

HSD PAVE Monitoring Program Goes Remote

HSD’s Post Approval Verification and Education (PAVE) program will be launching 100% remote monitoring visits of studies this fall. See the revised FAQ for more information on how these visits will be conducted.

PAVE has been conducting in-person post approval monitoring visits of studies since 2013. Its purpose is to confirm by observation that UW human subjects research is conducted in compliance with relevant federal regulations, state laws, UW institutional policies and IRB-approved procedures. Please contact hsdpave@uw.edu with any questions.

What’s Next?

The mid-October edition of this newsletter will announce the release and implementation of:

  • New guidance about paying subjects
  • Using the UW REDCap system for obtaining valid e-consent signatures