UW Research

February 11, 2020

For the Record – Novel Coronavirus Research

Some UW researchers have already started conducting novel coronavirus research. We expect that many more studies are being planned. For example, NIH has released a special request soliciting urgent competitive revisions to existing awarded grants, to do research on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

Facilitating rapid IRB review. Please take 5 minutes to provide HSD with the information described below, if you are planning to respond to the NIH request or to do any coronavirus research. This information is enough to enable us to work “behind the scenes” to (1) identify, prioritize, and set up the likely resources that will be needed for the IRB review, and (2) establish the likely regulatory and ethical framework for the review.

The information that will help HSD prepare for a more rapid IRB review. You do not need to submit an IRB application. Simply send an email to hsdinfo@uw.edu. Provide this information:

  1. UW PI name and department
  2. Research title
  3. IRB review information. For example:
    • If there is an existing approved IRB application you want to modify to include this research: Tell us the name of the PI and approved study.
    • If this will be multi-institutional research and you want to obtain the IRB review from another IRB: Tell us the name of the IRB or the name of the lead PI’s institution.
    • If this will be multi-institutional research and you want to the UW IRB to do the review for all of the institutions: Tell us the name of the other institutions.
  4. 1-2 sentence research description, including whether you will interact with the subjects.
  5. External funding you already have or are requesting for the research.
  6. Any public health agency (local, state, federal) that will be involved in the research. For example, you might use a research protocol developed by NIH or you might plan to share data with the CDC.

When you are ready to begin the IRB process, consider first contacting HSD through hsdinfo@uw.edu. We can provide quick advice about the specific information the IRB will need for an efficient review.