UW Research

July 15, 2020

For the Record – July 15, 2020

More News about the UW Research MRI Facilities

Effective immediately

The BMIC research MRI facility at South Lake Union is now open and available for studies (if they are allowed as described on the HSD COVID webpage). The Department of Radiology leadership, faculty, and staff have carefully developed procedures and requirements to mitigate COVID-19-related risks. This means there is necessarily a smaller number of individuals that can be scanned during the day than prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact the BMIC facility about scheduling and obtaining their approval.

It is likely that the “4.71” research MRI facility in Health Sciences will also be resuming operations soon. HSD will share that news when it becomes available, by posting it on the HSD allowable research webpage.

The requirement to register studies using the DISC MRI facility with HSD Director Karen Moe has been discontinued. The DISC (and BMIC) will be monitoring the use of their facilities, to manage use limitations.