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January 22, 2018

Federal Government Shutdown – Proposal & Award Review

Update: 1.22.18, 4:00pm

The House passed the stop gap spending bill, funding the federal government through February 8th. It is expected to be signed by the President today.

Update: 1.22.18, 10:20am

The Senate voted to advance a bill to reopen the federal government.

The House is expected to vote this afternoon (1.22.18).

This bill will keep the government open through February 8th.

During a Federal Shutdown:

Most federal agency operations will cease during a federal shutdown.

Expect a lack of federal communications related to your proposals and awards. Federal agencies may temporarily stop making payments.

OSP will continue with business as usual within the constraints created by unavailable Federal sponsor systems and staff.

OSP’s goal is to process items received to the extent possible.

If a shutdown is prolonged, OSP may return requests to the department until the shutdown is over.

In a shutdown scenario:

Federal Sponsor Applications

Use the sponsor’s posted sponsor deadlines to calculate your GIM 19 deadline until further notice.

We expect Grants.gov will be up and that proposals can be submitted, but they will not be forwarded to federal sponsor agencies. These applications will be in a holding pattern in Grants.gov.

We will provide details on specific sponsor systems used for proposal submission, as they become known.

If federal sponsor systems have been shut down, applications will be submitted once these systems are back online.

If a PI chooses to use this time to refine the scope of work and delay submission until sponsor systems are back up, they may do so at their own risk. In this case, the PI should contact their OSP reviewer and request OSP return their eGC1.

If the sponsor has not issued new due dates, OSP will require that the RTS=YES application back in OSP no less than three business days from the sponsor due date the PI indicates on the eGC1.


  • Federal awards will not be issued during the Federal shutdown.
  • Awards that have already reached OSP prior to the shutdown will be processed and sent to GCA.
  • Awards that have been issued a UW budget number can begin or continue work unless notification was received from the sponsor such as a “stop work” order or suspension notice. Note that cooperative agreements could be affected if federal participation is required, but not available.

Once federal systems are back online, OSP will resume processing federal Awards after all outstanding current proposals are submitted.


In the unlikely event a sponsor sends a stop-work order, OSP will immediately notify the PI and eGC1 Admin Contact and upload the order in SAGE.

If you receive a stop-work order in your unit, send to osp@uw.edu.

Advance Budget Numbers (ABN)

OSP will continue to process ABN eligibility requests for Federal awards. As with all advance budget numbers, the department assumes the risk of nonpayment on expenditures incurred during the advance time period.

Budget Extensions

OSP will review Budget Extension requests and put them on hold until sponsor notification/approval processes are available.

Other Post Submission/Post Award Requests

For other requests not yet in OSP, please wait until federal sponsor systems and staffing are available and use the standard process.

We will keep you posted via MRAM and the Research Website Announcements as we learn more.

Please forward any communications received related to a shutdown and your federal awards to osp@uw.edu.


U.S. Office of Management and Budget: Agency Contingency Plans

U.S. OMB:Planning for Agency Operations during a Potential Lapse in Appropriations

NIH Announcement:
NIH Operates Under a Continuing Resolution Through January 19, 2018 (NOT-OD-18-124)