UW Research

September 17, 2015


Quick Tips knows that sometimes it can feel like trying to get a message through a worm hole to the Vega System when you need an HSD staff member. contact wormholeThough our recent reorganization is intended to improve this situation, it has temporarily resulted in some confusion. So here’s a quick rundown of best bets.

First, the Team Operations Lead (TOL) is now the primary contact for each IRB committee. So when you access this contact page please look for the TOL first, and give our disadvantageously-alphabetically-last-named-folks a break.

Second, all mail to HSD goes through our front desk. Our wonderful front desk folks remove the items from the envelope and send the items on to our fantastic intake coordinator who patiently stamps and sorts all items. So if you are trying to reach a specific person or team, don’t write their name on the envelope; instead, put a sticky note or memo on the item itself. The envelope will have long since been recycled by the time it gets to where you wanted it to go.

Lastly, we still have the handy-dandy look up widget (which doesn’t work in Internet Explorer with Compatibility View turned on). It’s been re-purposed for all departments on campus. (And as soon as we can find a more reliable department list, we’ll stick that in there too!) Just start typing in the first few letters of your department, and your contact should appear. If you can’t find your department, just contact the front desk, (206-543-0098 back to the super-helpful front desk…) and they can help you out.

So follow these helpful hints, and Jody Foster won’t be the only one communicating with the Vega System!