UW Research

June 11, 2018

2019 Benefit Rates on Research Website and SAGE Budget

FY2019 fringe benefit rates (i.e. payroll load rates) are now on the Facts & Rates page and within SAGE budget.

Having trouble seeing these preliminary rates?

For the Facts & Rates webpage, try refreshing your website browser cache.
For SAGE Budgets:

  • Go to the Properties tab of each SAGE budget
  • Scroll to Benefit Rates and choose “Use Preliminary Budget Rates”
  • Click “Update Benefit Rates”


About incorporating these rates into proposal budgets?
Review GIM 3 policy or contact your department’s OSP reviewer.

About SAGE Budget? email sagehelp@uw.edu

These rates reflect estimates of employee benefit costs to be incurred by the UW in fiscal year 2019. Use these rates on multi-year sponsored program proposal budgets to best reflect anticipated costs.

If you submitted a proposal using FY18 rates for budget years beyond FY18, upon award, you may re-budget as necessary to account for the changes. In most cases, this will not require sponsor approval.

Review more information on how payroll load rate estimates are established.