UW Research

July 10, 2018

2019 Benefit Rates Available on Research Website and SAGE Budget

The FY2019 fringe benefit rates (i.e. payroll load rates) are now available on the Facts & Rates page and within the SAGE budget.

Have trouble seeing these preliminary rates? For the Facts & Rates webpage, try refreshing your website browser cache.

For SAGE Budgets:

  • Go to the Properties tab of each SAGE budget
  • Scroll to Benefit Rates and choose “Use Preliminary Budget Rates”
  • Click “Update Benefit Rates”

These rates reflect estimates of employee benefit costs to be incurred by the UW in fiscal year 2019. Use these rates on multi-year sponsored program proposal budgets to best reflect anticipated costs.

If you submitted a proposal using FY18 rates for budget years beyond FY18, upon award, you may re-budget as necessary to account for the changes. In most cases, this will not require sponsor approval.

Review more information on how payroll load rate estimates are established.

Questions about incorporating these rates into proposal budgets?

Review GIM 3 policy or contact your department’s OSP reviewer.

Questions about SAGE Budget? Contact sagehelp@uw.edu.