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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Submitting a Proposal


The proposal submission process is a 4 step process that involves the PI, department staff, OSP and sponsor systems. The role descriptions for this work are listed in GIM 1.

  • The SAGE (System to Administer Grants Electronically) eGC1 with draft proposal attached are routed to OSP for institutional review.
  • The SAGE eGC1 with final proposal attached is routed back to OSP for institutional approval and submission to the sponsor.
  • OSP submits the proposal using authorized access to Grants.gov and sponsor systems, or attaches a signed face page or letter to the eGC1 for the PI/Dept.
  • OSP approves the eGC1, locking down most data elements, and saves a copy of the submitted application to SAGE (System to Administer Grants Electronically).

See Using the eGC1.

PI Assurances

By approving an eGC1, a PI makes assurances and certification to the University about the proposal. See PI Assurances made on eGC1 for a complete list.

What is Ready to Submit?

Ready to submit is defined as a full and complete proposal in final format that is ready for submission to the sponsor. This includes all completed required sponsor forms, components, sections, and attachments, per sponsor program announcement and policy.

Ready to Submit proposals must have the following:

  • Documents must be in the order required by the sponsor
  • The eGC1 marked "Yes" for the Ready to Submit question
  • The eGC1 in "In OSP" status.
  • The PI has given OSP access to the proposal in the sponsor system (i.e., Fastlane).

A proposal is NOT ready to submit if:

  • It does not confirm to sponsor policy.
  • It does not confirm to University policy.
  • Does not meet the criteria listed above.

OSP Review Criteria

As the Authorized Signing Official, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) maintains oversight over institutional Proposal Review Criteria. This criteria is set out in GIM 1. GIM 1 also provides a list of proposal aspects not reviewed by OSP.

Incomplete eGC1s, eGC1s containing significant inconsistent information with the attached proposal, or eGC1s that do not contain a Proposal will be returned without review by OSP. The “In OSP” date on the eGC1 will not be considered timely per GIM 19 if any of these circumstances apply.

If components of the Proposal or eGC1 needs revision, OSP will provide comments to the PI and eGC1 Administrative Contacts by email. OSP supplies this information as either Required Changes or Recommended Changes and returns the eGC1 to the PI.

  • Required Changes are changes that must take place prior to submission to the Sponsor.
  • Recommended Changes are changes that are recommended by OSP based on its review.

It is greatly appreciated if the campus representative responds to OSP comments on a point by point basis. OSP will re-review only those items addressed in their correspondence.

PowerPoint – Review and Submission Requirements for Proposals (MRAM, 5/8/2014)

OSP Response Time

Once a proposal has arrived in OSP, the OSP Reviewer will provide either review comments or a touchback to the PI/Department in two business days. For example, if an eGC1 arrives in OSP on Monday, a response from OSP will be sent by end of business on Wednesday. For example:

  • Full review with OSP Reviewer Comments
  • I am in the middle of reviewing your proposal, I will provide reviewer comments momentarily
  • I have been assigned your proposal for review because I am on coverage for <OSP staff member>. I will be providing my review comments shortly.