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Review subaward permissions and set up your SAGE ASTRA "Subaward Preparer" role.
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SAGE Subaward Quick Guide

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An outgoing subaward is a formal legal agreement between the UW and another organization outside the University (also known as a subrecipient).

Subawards are set up when a meaningful portion of programmatic work in a UW proposal will happen at a subrecipient institution.

It's important to understand the difference between outgoing subawards and:

Start Early!
Outgoing subawards involve multiple parties and systems both at time of proposal preparation and time of award.

Once OSP receives your request for a subaward, complete with all required documentation and assigns an administrator, issuance of your subaward can take up to 4 weeks.

Reminder: Subrecipients have their own routing and approval procedures that also take time.

Proposal Preparation with Subrecipients

Clear deadlines and communication to Subrecipients is critical to ensure the institutional official signed documents are received in time to route and submit the prime award proposal at the UW.

  1. Review UW policy: Preparing a Proposal with Proposed Subrecipients: GIM 7.
  2. Ensure subaward scope of work details the value of this part of the project.
  3. Provide deadlines for subrecipients that allow all sponsor and UW required documents to be:
    • Incorporated into UW proposal,
    • Attached to eGC1,
    • And routed in time for GIM 19 deadlines.

Budget Development and Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Calculations

Roles, Responsibilities and Workflow

Department / PI Responsibilities

  1. Review:
  2. Create and submit outgoing subaward request in SAGE.
  3. Provide additional information to OSP as requested.
  4. After notification of fully executed (FE) subaward received, remember to submit CR in Ariba for approval. Once CR is approved, subrecipient can invoice against the Blanket Purchase Order (BPO).
  5. Monitoring & Managing:
  6. Submit:
    • Progress reports
    • Agreement modification requests via SAGE
    • Invoicing /payment changes via Ariba so payments line up with agreement
  7. Note: Modification requests involving monetary amounts:

    • SAGE amount = requested amount change
    • Ariba amount = cumulative amount available for invoicing

Required Documents

Must accompany SAGE subaward request

  • NEW subaward requests only:
    • Letter of Intent (LOI) or subrecipient face page signed by authorizing official
  • Subaward Scope of Work (SOW): Include background info/objectives & work to be performed
  • Budget on prime sponsor budget form or spreadsheet
  • Budget Justification: Must tie specifically to budget details
  • Additional documents: As required by prime agreement

Before issuance and/or UW signature

Including these documents in your request may improve processing time:

Other Documents

Additional Resources


  • Questions on contract execution & approvals: email ospsubs@uw.edu
  • Subrecipient entity supplier registration & eProcurement (Ariba) questions: email pcshelp@uw.edu
  • Questions about SAGE System: email sagehelp@uw.edu