Board of Regents

Presenting at Meetings of the Board of Regents

Regents review all materials prior to meetings. Meeting time should be devoted to discussion of pre-distributed items rather than to content delivery. Your presentation during the meeting should offer highlights or critical points of your topic and elicit questions from the Board.

  • Introduce yourself(-selves) and state your name(s) and title(s).
  • Begin by stating whether the item is for information or for action.
  • Agendas are typically very full. Practice your presentation to make sure the timing is accurate. Maintain time discipline.
  • Do not present in person all of the information you submitted in advance. Assume the Regents have reviewed the materials.
  • Present a few high level points and your objective in bringing this information to the Board’s attention.
  • Leave at least half your allocated time for questions from the Regents and discussion about the item.
  • When possible and relevant, include student presenters. The Regents wish to hear the student perspective on many issues.
  • Business attire is recommended.

The University is fortunate to have an engaged and dedicated Board of Regents – and they have very clear expectations of us and of you. Please feel free to reach out to us with questions or concerns. We would like your presentations to be successful!

Thank you,

Tyler Lange and Shelley Tennant
Office of the Board of Regents
(for full Board, Governance Committee, and Finance & Asset Management Committee items)
Rachel Northquist
Office of the Provost
(for Academic and Student Affairs Committee items)