Race & Equity Initiative

Policy discussions

UW students, faculty and staff have raised several race and equity-related questions and concerns about a number of policy issues. Two policy issues have been reviewed:

University investments and procurement

Student Regent  2015-2016 coordinated and facilitated a conversation among interested students about divestment in general and divestment from prisons specifically.

A policy discussion with the UW procurement team took place on Monday, March 16, 2016 with students, faculty and staff. Please contact the current Student Regent for highlights from that meeting.


Campus policing

UW students, faculty and staff of Black/African/African American descent convened in 2015-2016 to discuss their interactions and questions about UWPD and community policing.  The UWPD continued to convene students, faculty and staff into the 2016-2017 academic year.

Meetings with UW students, faculty and staff of Black/African/African American descent took place on  May 17 and June 17 2016. Both meetings were conversations with UWPD’s Chief Vinson. Our purpose was to learn more about UWPD policies and practices currently in place and discuss community needs going forward.

UWPD Analysis:

The UW has contracted with a faculty member to independently analyze UWPD data. The faculty member’s research focuses on social stratification and inequality with an emphasis on juvenile and criminal justice processing and outcomes.