Race & Equity Initiative

Faculty recruitment

The Office for Faculty Advancement (OFA) promotes the hiring, retention and success of a diverse and inclusive faculty. Since August 2015, the office has developed a Handbook of Best Practices for Faculty Searches as well as an Online Toolkit to support the work of search committees in academic departments throughout the University.


The OFA has also:

  • Launched the Faculty Advancement Initiative, which promotes collaborations with colleges, schools, campuses and individual units to advance the careers of faculty and to promote ongoing training in diversity and inclusion for university leadership.
  • Allocated resources provided by the Office of the Provost to enrich recruitment offers that will enhance a unit’s diverse profile in research, teaching, service and outreach.


Increased funds to enhance faculty diversity

Starting in the 2016-17 academic year, funding was allocated to build and retain a diverse and inclusive faculty across the three UW campuses will be increased to $1 million. President Cauce and Interim Provost Baldasty are allocating the funds for the Office for Faculty Advancement to work collaboratively with deans, chancellors and department chairs or directors, with half going toward faculty recruitment and half going toward retention.

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