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UW Tacoma

President Ana Mari Cauce established the Race and Equity Initiative, noting that race and equity are central to the University of Washington’s core mission and personally important to her, as well as to UW faculty, staff, and administrators.  It is in this vein that we, the Race and Equity Initiative Committee of the University of Washington Tacoma, structure our work plan for the future.   It is through this work that we hope to address concerns and challenges such as a shared understanding of equity models, the lack of faculty and staff of color, and the retention of students, faculty and staff on the Tacoma campus. Within the upcoming years, we hope to facilitate the campus transitioning from a model in which equality is championed to one which is centered on Equity.  This marked difference in approaches means that we as a campus will recognize the historical context that populations of our campus come from and that our programs and initiatives are tailored to suit.  The many departments and schools on campus have each taken it upon themselves to work towards the end goal of a more equitable campus for all.

Updates and information:



Ricardo E. Ortega

Diversity Resource Center Initiatives Director, Equity and Diversity