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School of Dentistry

President Cauce’s launch of the Race and Equity Initiative, the School of Dentistry (SoD) began working toward an explicit and purposeful diversity and inclusion plan with intersections in all aspects of its work in the areas of teaching, research and service. At its foundation has been the need for a shared understanding that the work of diversity, inclusion and equity at the SoD is the responsibility of everyone who goes to school or works here. As such, a diversity and inclusion taskforce was appointed by Dean Joel Berg in the summer of 2015 and empowered to make recommendations for ensuring that the values of diversity, inclusion and equity are reflected in all of the SoD’s work. The taskforce used the 2010-2014 UW Diversity Blueprint to map current institutional assets and to assess current needs. The result of this work was a customized diversity blueprint for the School that has been reviewed, refined and approved by the Dean and the Faculty Council at the end of 2015. Since the approval of its customized blueprint, the SoD has formed a Diversity Committee of faculty, staff and students who are the blueprint’s stewards. They meet quarterly and are at the beginning phases of assessing institutional progress on the short- and long-range diversity, inclusion and equity goals that are arising from across the school with help from the executive leadership team.

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