Office of the Provost

Provost Advisory Committee for Students (PACS)

PACS is an inclusive committee of students, collaborating to advise the provost on University budgets and initiatives.

It is the policy of the University of Washington (UW) Provost to seek and consider the input and advice of the UW student body through the Provost’s Advisory Committee for Students (PACS) on the following subjects:

  • Annual budgets
  • Tuition levels and state tuition policy proposals
  • Financial aid
  • Long-range budget and allocation planning, with particular reference to student concerns
  • Admissions and enrollment management

Membership 2016-17

Kevin Celustka, PACS Chair

  • Year: Senior
  • Program: Jackson School of International Studies
  • Leadership: ASUW Senate, UW Leaders Mentor, Jackson School Student Association, Student Activities Fee Committee, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • Hometown: Wenatchee, WA
  • Bio: I am dedicated to creating a more equitable global society through health and health care. At the intersection of progressive policy, data-driven research, and modern medicine, I hope to use my abilities and privileges to leave a positive impact on our world. I love human narratives and photography. I try to explore our beautiful corner of the PNW often, and I love experiencing new spaces and learning about other cultures. I spend most of my time in Herkimer, my favorite cafe, listening to music with my friends, or talking politics over a beer at Big Time on the Ave.
  • Favorite thing about the UW: The diversity of experiences and perspectives that make our collective identity as Huskies really special.
  • Looking Forward to this year: Working with Provost Baldasty and our amazing committee to ensure the UW continues to translate our values into our investments!

Daniele Meñez, ASUW President

  • Year: Senior
  • Program: Public Health
  • Leadership: ASUW President; Past: Director of ASUW Pacific Islander Student Commission, Political Chair for Filipino American Student Association
  • Hometown: Bulacan, Philippines and Tamuning, Guam
  • Bio: I am a proud Filipina who was born and raised in the Asia Pacific region. I’m new to continental America as I only moved here 3 years ago to attend the UW. I’m passionate about the intersections of social justice, public policy, and systemic change! I love to spend time with loved ones, eat good food (Filipino & Japanese cuisine are my favorites), read impactful books, explore new places, and learn more about my Filipino heritage. I also love art (I haven’t touched a paintbrush in 5 years – the last time was for the Guam Art Exhibit in 2012, which I was featured in!).
  • Favorite thing about the UW: The opportunities.
  • Looking forward to this year: Learning more about the budgetary processes and decisions at the UW!

Tanya Kumar, ASUWB President

  • Year: Junior
  • Program: Pre-Law (intending to do a public policy and social sciences/justice based major)
  • Leadership: Current: Pre-Law Society; Director of Campus Community Relations. Previous: SPEP club; Director of Internal Marketing
  • Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Bio: I am a junior student, at the Bothell campus, and I plan to graduate in 2018. I really enjoy philosophy, human rights, and ethics based classes. Some of my hobbies are reading, swimming, and playing tennis. I used to play the piano and dance Bollywood.
  • Favorite thing about the UW: The amount you are able to learn outside of the classroom, and the countless support you receive, to help foster that growth.
  • Looking forward to this year: Building a strong network of relations within all three campuses.

Berkan T. Koroglu, ASUWT President

  • Year: Senior
  • Program: Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • Leadership: ASUWT President
  • Hometown: Istanbul/Turkey
  • Bio: Students, scholarships, fostering better education, growth. Work-work-work. Read, soccer, tennis, swimming, skydiving.
  • Favorite thing about the UW: Purple and Gold Community.
  • Looking forward to this year: Empowering underrepresented students.

Kaitlyn Zhou, ASUW Director of University Affairs

  • Year: Junior
  • Program: Computer Science and Human Centered Design and Engineering
  • Leadership: ASUW Director of University of Affairs, TEDxUofW curator, ASUW senator, ASUW representative to PACS, research assistant in HCDE
  • Hometown: Bellevue, WA
  • Bio: Traveling, arts, yoga, snowboarding, puzzles, TED talks and more traveling :)
  • Favorite thing about the UW: The millions of opportunities.
  • Looking forward to this year: Working with students!

Katelyn Graham, ASUW Representative

  • Year: Junior
  • Program: Communication and LSJ
  • Leadership: Present: Legislative Programming Coordinator for ASUW OGR, Volunteer at D Center. Past: Director of ASUW OGR, Chapter Chair of WashPIRG.
  • Hometown: Portland, OR
  • Bio: I was raised in Portland, OR, but went to a Boarding High School for the Arts in Southern California where I majored in Visual Arts. Afterwards I came to UW, where I got involved in community organizing through WashPIRG, which lead to my work as the student lobbyist for the ASUW Office of Government Relations. I continue to use my roots in art and the creative process to influence my approach to activism. I am passionate about kayaking, printmaking, National Parks, milkshakes, and voting in midterm elections.
  • Favorite thing about the UW: The passion and work students bring to our campus to push for social and political change both in the UW community and beyond.
  • Looking forward to this year: Learning how to sail this spring!

Julien Roy Ishibashi, ASUW Representative

  • Year: Junior
  • Program: Biochemistry
  • Leadership: ASUW Senate, Delta Lambda Phi (Sergeant-At-Arms, Vice President–present), Queer People of Color Alliance (Executive Officer–present), OMA&D VP SAB (Vice Chair – present)
  • Hometown: San Francisco, CA
  • Bio: I’d like to say think I’m a loyal, honest, and committed friend. When I grow up, I would love to be a professor who still does research, and hopefully can afford a lot of dogs (more than you’d probably expect). I love cooking, gardening, and being in nature. I love the smell of gardenias and my favorite shape is a regular hexagon. In my free time, you can often find me writing music, talking to my grandma on the phone, or studying with one of the handful of study groups I’ve amassed over the years. I can’t drive. I make a point of going to church at the bare minimum, at least for Christmas and Easter services—more often when I’m stressed out. I’ve been trying to find a solid Russian bakery in Seattle, so let me know if you have any recommendations.
  • Favorite thing about the UW: I love a school with school spirit, and boy, do we have some spirit.
  • Looking forward to this year: I’m very excited to go to an Ariana Grande concert in March!

Soh Yeun (Elloise) Kim, GPSS President

  • Year: Ph. C. /Graduate
  • Program: English
  • Leadership: 2016-2017 GPSS President, 2015-2016 GPSS Secretary, 2014 -2017 PACS
  • Hometown: South Korea
  • Bio: When I am not working either for the UW grad student community or on my study, I love to attend music and dance concerts, visit museums, read books for fun, travel, and sleep until my back hurts.
  • Favorite thing about the the UW: People!
  • Looking forward to this year: productive discussion & information distributed in advance

Brandon Ray, GPSS Representative

  • Year: Graduate
  • Program: Concurrent Jackson School for International Studies and School of Marine and Environmental Affairs
  • Leadership: GPSS senator 2014-2016, Chair of GPSS Judicial committee 2015-2016, Atmospheric Science department librarian 2013-2016, GPSS Liaison for Husky Vets (formerly Husky United Military Veterans).
  • Hometown: Originally: Canton, CT. Currently: Shoreline, WA
  • Bio: I was born outside of Chicago and grew up in Connecticut. I completed my undergraduate degrees in mathematics, geological sciences, and geography at Northwestern University. I taught fifth grade math and science in Newark, New Jersey for a year before joining the Navy. I have served as a submarine officer for over ten years both on active duty and in the reserves. I completed my MS in atmospheric science at UW this past spring before starting new programs in International Studies as well as Marine and Environmental Affairs. I’m married with a five-year-old daughter and two dogs. In my limited spare time, I like to run, read, sing (I perform in Choir of the Sound), and brew beer (I “volunteer” as a brewer at Hemlock State Brewing Company on the spare weekends I’m available).
  • Favorite thing about the UW: The breadth of opportunities offered and ability to connect across departments
  • Looking forward to this year: My second child arrives in April!

Ryan Brill, GPSS Representative

  • Year: MA, 2nd Year
  • Program: Japan Studies
  • Leadership: GPSS Appointee
  • Hometown: Snohomish, WA
  • Bio: I sometimes struggle with the question of who I am, what I want in life and in my career. I feel like our friends offer us the best reflection of who we are and who we want to be. Inauthentic relationships prevent us from being known by ourselves as much as it does others, or so I think. In high school I played Oboe.
  • Favorite thing about the UW: The purple pens I sometimes forget to return.
  • Looking forward to this year: Graduating.

Vanessa Kritzer, GPSS Representative

  • Year: 3rd year graduate student
  • Program: MPA/MBA
  • Leadership: Student Regent, GPSS Senator, Health and Safety Task Force, SAF Committee member, Board Member for Women in Business and Net Impact clubs at Foster Bellevue/Seattle
  • Bio: I like volunteering in local politics, strategic board games, hiking, and playing music with friends. Recently I’ve been learning the ukelele!
  • Favorite thing about the UW: The amazing leaders we have from students to faculty to admin.
  • Looking forward to this year: Working together to ensure student engagement within the budgeting process.

* ASUW = Associated Students of the University of Washington

 GPSS = Graduate and Professional Student Senate

 SCPB = Faculty Senate Committee on Planning and Budgeting


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