Office of the Provost

December 14, 2017

Tips and strategies for inclusive teaching

Jerry Baldasty

A couple of months ago, in response to common questions from faculty, I wrote a post offering strategies to foster vibrant, inclusive classroom conversations.

Faculty then, as now, are grappling with questions such as: how do we make room for differing perspectives in the classroom in a way that allows everyone to participate? How do we encourage students to express their views while maintaining a sense of respect and understanding? How do we manage classroom content and ideas in ways that do not exclude any students from opportunities to learn? And how can we be proactive in our inclusive teaching practices, rather than waiting to react when challenging moments arise?

These are increasingly pertinent and difficult questions without simple answers. Every class is different, as is every instructor and every group of students. Large lecture courses require different approaches than small discussion-based courses, and approaches may vary by discipline. Approaching these questions involves understanding those distinctions, and ourselves: our curricula, our assumptions about students, our teaching strategies and our values. It also involves seeing our campuses as larger learning communities, with resources to share and colleagues’ experiences to learn from.

Below is a list of a broad set of resources from across our three campuses for navigating our diverse classrooms, and encouraging real discourse across differences. These are broadly applicable or easily adapted to new settings. In looking ahead to winter quarter, I hope you find these resources useful. If you have others, please send them to me at, and I will continue to share them in turn with our entire community.

On leading discussions and navigating ‘hot moments’

Leading dynamic discussions

From UW Bothell Libraries: Informed civil engagement

From Student Life: How to handle disruptive behavior 

From the Center for Teaching and Learning: Facilitating productive conversations

Sample syllabi statements and lesson plans

From the School of Public Health

From the English Department (includes syllabus statement for English courses)

From the Center for Teaching and Learning

On student and instructor rights and responsibilities

From the Race and Equity Initiative (video)

Community Standards and Student Conduct

Faculty code

On inclusive teaching

From the Center for Teaching and Learning

From the Faculty Senate

From UW Tacoma

Additional resources from other institutions

Resources for diversity and inclusive teaching

Approaching diversity

Inclusive teaching strategies