Population Health

Wadiya Udell

Wadiya-UdellWadiya Udell
Associate professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell
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What is the area of focus for your work/research?
Much of my research has been dedicated to developing a developmentally appropriate and comprehensive approach to health promotion and risk prevention among adolescents. Specifically, my interest has focused on the factors that place adolescents at risk for a lifetime of health disparities. For the past several years, I have worked on identifying individual and structural factors influencing health risks among youth in the juvenile justice system.

How do you see your own work/research contributing to better population health outcomes?
The following three goals drives much of my work: a) to understand both individual-level and structural factors influencing health risks among marginalized youth, b) to incorporate these insights into effective interventions to promote health and wellness, and c) to work toward ensuring that effective interventions are adopted and implemented by creating interventions that consider, respect and reflect the values of the various communities for which they are created. All three goals align with the focus of reducing health disparities and increasing wellness among marginalized members of our communities.

What do you hope can be accomplished through this initiative?
I hope the results of this initiative will go beyond rewarding great research that is far removed from people’s lives. I hope this initiative will have as great of an effect for the people and communities we are working to help, and that this “on the ground” or “real world” impact is prioritized as much as we the science and more distal research studies.