Population Health

Jane Simoni

Jane-SimoniJane Simoni
Professor of psychology; Adjunct professor of global health
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What is the area of focus for your work/research?
I work in HIV treatment related research (e.g., promoting adherence to antiretroviral medications) and global mental health (e.g., developing computer-based programs to improve depression). My funded research has involved developing and evaluating innovative behavioral interventions. I work in China, Africa and US-Mexico border.

How do you see your own work/research contributing to better population health outcomes?
Specifically by closing the gap between the need for mental health services and the available of trained personnel to provide the services. Mental health is intertwined with physical health and the two must be addressed simultaneously.

What do you hope can be accomplished through this initiative?
Stimulating interests in the next generation of students and scholars in this area, in making a direct impact by their work on health across the globe. Also, making the moral imperative of health equity an assumption in the scientific health enterprise.