Parents & Families

Erica, student, nurse practitioner program

“My dad, husband and mother-in-law are all UW Alums. I met my husband when we were both undergrads in UW’s nursing program, and I count my mom, Susie, as an honorary Husky. She grew up as a homesteader in Alaska where her team of huskies took her to her one-room schoolhouse via dog sled! I thank her for giving me the discovery mindset and a commitment to inclusive community that help me excel here at UW. If I am boundless, it is because of her, and I am so grateful for the support of my whole family on my own Husky journey!”

Joanna, UW undergraduate alumna and current masters student, Environmental Health

My parents, both research professors at the University of Washington, participated in my graduation ceremony last year so that they could be a part of my achievement. I am so thankful they were able to be there and hug me as I accepted my diploma and walked off the stage. I have grown up a Husky, graduated as a Husky and am continuing my education as a Husky! I do believe we truly are a #UWFamily.


What does #UWFamily mean to you?