Parents & Families

February 11, 2015

Parents of Commuter Students Corner: The Commuter Commons supports your commuting students!

11874008665_c4ce8afc3d_zIf your student is commuting to campus, the Commuter Commons provides a dedicated space, and a variety of services for commuting students. They also arrange events throughout the year to build a strong community among students who live off-campus.  Their friendly staff is trained to introduce students to the space and all that it has to offer.

Commuter Commons provides commuter students with access to study and social space. Below are the top 10 benefits the space offers students.

Top 10 things your student can do in the Commuter Commons

  1. Charge your computer, phone, or tablet. Outlets are everywhere!
  2. Use the refrigerator to store your food. They provide the label; students just bring their food.
  3. Check out a day-use locker. Just remember to pick things up before closing time.
  4. Attend CLUE tutoring for math or physics. They hold regular hours in the space.
  5. Talk to a peer adviser. They hold regular hours in the space.
  6. Use their changing room/lactation station.
  7. Check out the bus schedule for the stop at the HUB. The Commuter Commons video board will display the schedule!
  8. Meet with a group for class in the space.
  9. Entertainment and free popcorn is available every Friday from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm!
  10. Print things you need for class at their Dawg Prints station.

If you have any questions about your student’s transition or they need commuting help, please feel free to contact or visit the Commuter Commons website for additional commuter student resources: