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February 11, 2015

CLUE provides tutoring and academic support

clue imageAs the first set of midterms wraps up and the second set begins, it is a great time for students to use the Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment (CLUE). Located at the heart of campus life, both in physical location in Mary Gates Hall and in its mission to support students holistically, CLUE is an academic support service. A tutoring and study center first, CLUE helps students hone their own study solutions in a collaborative environment. We hope you’ll encourage your student to stop by Mary Gates Hall to check out CLUE, Sundays through Thursdays, 6:30 pm until midnight.

Collaboration at CLUE means one-on-one consultations about assignments and skills; it means organic study groups, group exam reviews and connecting the thousands of students it serves each quarter with resources across campus.

CLUE’s evening hours accommodate the student schedule and create an atmosphere of solidarity where students stick around because they feel welcome in the community there. Preparing students for more than just exams, CLUE is a peer-tutoring model that serves to empower learners and provide excellent professional development opportunities for undergraduates who demonstrate leadership and competence. Many of CLUE’s current subject tutors came to the program as underclassmen looking for a consistent place to study and get help. They flourished with the support model, excelled in their classes, and now work as CLUE tutors who continue the cycle of success.

Here are two testimonials from students who benefitted from the CLUE experience:

“I remember learning about CLUE my freshman year of college through a friend. At first, I was very surprised to know that there are tutors to help me with my homework for free. No one ever offered tutoring like that in high school, so I was curious to try CLUE. I started going to CLUE to finish my math homework. I received one-on-one explanations on math problems, which is hard to get from professors and teacher’s assistants. I was very happy with the help I received from tutors and other students. A few weeks later, I started going to CLUE for all of my classes. After going to CLUE every night, I got to know most of the tutors, made new friends and basically surrounded myself with a community inside a very large campus like UW.

“ In college, it is very easy to get distracted because of many things happening around. I needed a place where I could only focus on studies. CLUE’s environment was perfect for my needs. Everyone came there to do their work and that motivated me to do mine without getting distracted. I wouldn’t have gotten higher grades in some of my classes if it wasn’t for CLUE. At UW, classes are large so I didn’t have many opportunities to interact with the professor and fully understand some of the concepts. Fortunately, CLUE had tutors who were experts in that field and helped me understand those concepts. Therefore, I was able to perform well in midterms and final exams.

“I would recommend CLUE for anyone who wants a little extra help in their classes and wants to meet their classmates outside of the classroom setting. It provides an opportunity to make study groups and learn the hard concepts by working among peers.” — Rahul, recent UW graduate


“Why your student should go to CLUE: 1. The atmosphere is very relaxed and there are no professors or TAs, who can sometimes make asking a question in class intimidating. 2. It’s a good place to meet new friends and form study groups for classes. 3. It’s a great place to ask tutors questions. Many have recently taken the course and can provide tips and tricks about the professors and class itself. 4. The hours are excellent for students who are busy throughout the day with other activities.” — Mihir, recent UW graduate