Parents & Families

September 6, 2013

Health Services for All Students

Now that your student is enrolled at the University of Washington, we want to share some key information with you about the on-campus health and wellness services available to students. At the UW, we are committed to keeping students healthy so that they can succeed academically and make the most of their college experience.

Hall Health Center is the student health service outpatient clinic on UW’s Seattle campus, where all registered students are eligible for medical care. Hall Health offers many free services, including one office visit per quarter for medical concerns, covered under the student Services and Activities Fee. This free appointment excludes comprehensive physicals, as well as specialty visits and procedures. For a detailed description of prepaid services available to currently enrolled UW students, please visit:

The UW strongly encourages all students to have health insurance. To help make this possible, we offer a voluntary Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Hall Health can bill health insurance for all services that are not prepaid, as well as for diagnostic services such as x-rays and laboratory tests. For more information on UW-sponsored health plan options, visit:

To facilitate the health services process, we ask that students complete a patient pre-registration form and return it to Hall Health. We encourage students to register with Hall Health as a patient, including signing up for the eCare system, which allows the center to send them health alerts and provides them with access to other medical information. The patient pre-registration form is available to download here.

If your student will be less than 18 years old when arriving on campus, a parent or legal guardian must sign a care agreement form and return it to Hall Health along with the pre-registration form. You can download the care agreement form here. If you do not have printer access, please call 206-616-2495 to request the form via fax or mail. The care agreement form must be on record at Hall Health before a patient under age 18 can be treated.

Please return all form(s) to:

Patient Registration, Hall Health Center

Box 354410, University of Washington

Seattle, Washington 98195-4410

During the 2011-2012 school year, Hall Health completed a multiyear renovation project, with new and improved facilities to better serve UW students. If you have questions about any of the student health service offerings, please visit the Hall Health website or call 206-616-2495.