Othello-UW Commons

Othello-UW Commons

The Othello-UW Commons

Community-informed work is at the heart of the UW’s partnerships in Southeast Seattle.


Selam Misgano

Meet Selam Misgano, Othello-UW Commons manager

Selam serves as the Commons’ on-site manager and works to build connections between the University of Washington and Southeast Seattle communities. Contact her at misgano@uw.edu.

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About the Othello-UW Commons facility

Located approximately 9 miles south of the UW’s Seattle campus, the Othello-UW Commons is next to the Othello Link light rail station. This accessible 2,200-square-foot facility includes room for meetings, teaching, learning, leadership and community and professional development.

Address: 4200 S. Othello St. Suite 117, Seattle, WA 98118

Hours: M-F, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Phone: 206-685-3023

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Welcome to Othello-UW Commons

A shared vision for community-based learning

Opening in early 2019, the Commons will be a venue for community-driven teaching, learning and research.

UW in Southeast Seattle

Othello-UW Commons builds on the UW’s longstanding partnerships with local communities.

About the space

Technical information about the space, how it can be used, the meeting rooms (with A/V, capacity, etc.), etc.

Use the space

Link to an online form for external and internal partners to request use of the space.

Sharing resources and programming

Several academic departments at the UW have committed resources to develop programming that can help address the needs and hopes identified by people in Southeast Seattle.

Links to the Schools, Colleges and Units that have invested in the Center; link to External Affairs, Admissions and the Provost’s Office as well.