Office of Planning & Budgeting

UW Academy COVID Expense and Revenue Loss Tracking Guidelines

In order to capture expenditures and estimate revenue losses associated with the global pandemic in a standardized, consistent manner, the following information is provided as guidance to all UW business units outside of UW Medicine clinical units. UW Medicine clinical units are to follow the guidelines established by UW Medicine Finance.

Expenditure Capture

It is essential that extraordinary costs, which are costs incurred outside of normal business operations and are otherwise unavoidable due to the UW’s response to COVID, are thoroughly documented to position the UW to take advantage of any future cost recovery opportunities that may arise.

High Level Summary

  • All costs related to UW’s COVID response must have the following PCA code string appended:
    Task: [Your 3 Digit Org] Option: [Leave Blank or for Local Use] Project: OPBCOV
  • Costs that are proposed be funded centrally and are broadly institutional in nature must be pre-approved and follow a prescribed approval path. Central funding is extremely limited, and will only be deployed after President and Provost review.
  • Local units/campuses maintain autonomy in use of local funds and reserves, and it is expected that units will deploy local reserves to meet urgent needs associated with our University’s response as a first order.
  • For costs incurred in relation to the UW’s COVID response, supporting documentation covering “who, what, when, where, why and how much” is essential to gather and maintain up front to facilitate cost recovery opportunities that may arise at a later date.

Expenditure Tracking Resources

Safe Return To Operation Fall 2021 Reopening Capture Guidelines (Last Updated 6/24/2021)

Detailed Guidelines, Process Flows and Resources for Expenditure Tracking  (Last Updated 3/23/20)

UW COVID Response – Central Expenditure Request Form

Revenue Loss Estimation

For purposes of internal and external reporting, UW Academy business units are requested to provide loss of revenue estimates that were a direct result of the global pandemic.

High Level Summary

  • A “revenue loss estimation template” has been created for purposes of estimating revenue losses associated with the declared public health emergency in a standardized, consistent manner to meet state and federal reporting requirements.
  • Excluded from the scope of this process are: tuition-based program revenues, UW Medicine clinical revenues, gift revenues and grant revenues. Please consider all other revenue sources in scope.
  • Completed templates are to be submitted to, in Excel format, no less frequently than monthly.
    • You may choose to have all submissions within your local unit/campus route through one individual or team, or you may have your individual department administrators submit directly to OPB, whichever is most efficient/effective for your business unit.
    • We request an initial submission in the next 2-3 weeks (from 3/26/20) in order to gather a general understanding of the scale of identified revenue impacts to date.

We recognize the very nature of revenue loss estimation is, in many cases, difficult to quantify with precision and appreciate the attention and diligence of the community in this effort.

Revenue Loss Estimation Resources

Revenue Loss Estimation Template & Instructions (Last Updated 4/20/21)