Office of the Ombud

Student concerns

With more than 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students on our three campuses, we see a wide variety of cases involving every department on campus. College is a time to learn not only academic coursework, but also learn to successfully navigate a large organization and manage conflicts. The Ombud Office is ready to assist you with any conflicts or issues you may be facing.

The steps in front of Suzzallo library, busy with students and other university members.

Common student concerns include:

  • Learning environment mistreatment
  • RA/TA appointments
  • Disability accommodations
  • Grade concerns
  • Financial aid
  • Academic misconduct
  • Sexual harassment
  • Access to courses

“I left your office full of confidence and determination. It’s so refreshing to chat with someone who is willing to help and brainstorm – someone who isn’t afraid to take a personal interest.”

– Student