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Post-Secondary Resources

Welcome to the Resources page for UW TRIO ETS, in this page you will find links and information to websites that will better educate you on understanding terms.  

  • Form you need to fill out to get any financial aid from the federal government to help for college.
  • Be a citizen or eligible non citizen of the United States.
  • Valid Social Security Number.


  • Free application for state financial aid for students who are not eligible for federal aid, because of immigration status, including undocumented students.
  • Lived in Washington for 3 years prior to & continuously since, earning a high school diploma or equivalent.


  • Practice version of the SAT.
  • Can earn scholarships.


  • Please note that for the class of 2021 Universities and Colleges will not take these scores into consideration except for UW (Only for in-state Colleges & Universities).
  • Entrance exam used by most colleges & Universities to make admissions decisions.
  • Can take either exam.

Local Colleges & Local Universities

  • This site has a list of both tech, community colleges, and universities where students can learn and access the websites of places they might be interested in.