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Antiracist Leadership Institute

The Antiracist Leadership 2-Day Institute: Power, Privilege, and Antiracist Leadership

For leaders who want to challenge/dismantle racism, and the status quo

How can you better lead your school, department, university or organization to disrupt and reimagine the work and learning experience for students and employees?


Program Summary

This 2-Day leadership institute program incorporates frameworks grounded in humanist and anti-racist practice inspired by African Ubuntu cultural and philosophical perspectives. It will incorporate issues related to justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, belonging, and strategies throughout. Participants will learn proactive, innovative, and practical skills they can begin implementing personally and professionally to be more purposeful, transformative, and sustainable.

Key Information

  • Dates: Two days, July 26th 9 am – 3 pm & July 27th 9 am – 12:30 pm
  • Lunch will be served on July 26th.
  • Location: HUB 214
  • We are accepting up to 30 participants for the institute.
  • Please submit your intent to participate by June 23rd, 2023. Participants will be notified if they are confirmed to participate in the institute by June 30th, 2023.
    • Since this is an intermediate DEI institute, not everyone who submits an intent to participate will be invited to the institute. This process is not an application or registration. Participants will be confirmed based on responses to their intent to participate.
  • Cost: The cost to participate in this institute is $150.00. Payment accepted by UW budget number or credit card in person to OMA&D Communications in MGH 320
    • There are a limited number of scholarships available for those where funding is a barrier to participation. Please contact Makayla Ndamele at
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy
    • If accepted to participate, you will be charged $150 after accepted.
    • Cancellation: If you need to cancel for extenuating circumstances, you may email the program coordinator for a potential refund.
    • Partial Attendance: You must attend the full 2-day institute. There is no partial attendance.
    • No Shows: If you are confirmed to participate and do not attend, you will be assessed the full $150 fee.
  • To learn more and for any questions, please contact Makayla Ndamele at

Learning Goals

Facilitated by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. and Dr. Robin Martin participants in the institute will learn and explore the following:

  • Provide an open and challenging space, geared toward participants of ALL ethnic backgrounds, who are committed to understanding power, privilege, white supremacy, white privilege, oppression and antiracist leadership.
  • Participants will understand and apply SNAP (see, name, act, proceed) philosophy to their antiracist leadership.
  • Explore how individual actions and responsibilities fuel the behaviors of those around us and develop a set of ethical behaviors and self-management processes that empower leaders to impact the larger community.
  • Learn how to shift the emphasis from a single, all-powerful leader to an interconnected community of leaders and followers with shared responsibilities.
  • Discover how to refine, reimagine, and explore beyond the impulse to find the “right” answer and unlock the unlimited possibilities of innovation.
  • Examine how to build and collaborate with a coalition of community actors determined to upend oppression and forge a path that leads to greater individual and collective freedom through small and large-scale actions.